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Learn how to develop effective strategies to improve your ability to learn and acquire new information.

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Learning Skills

For Now and for Life

How to lighten your learning load

Become aware of different strategies

A great way to learn is...

to ask yourself questions. Little kids know this intuitively, as they run around asking “Why, why, why?”

A great deal of research...

has proven that the kids are on to something. Getting students to answer questions, such as “Why is this fact true?” aids learning.

The main reason asking “why” questions...

seems to work is that it encourages you to integrate the new fact with things you already know. Doing so improves your memory for the new fact by giving you more “hooks” to find it.

Easy Steps to Embrace Technology-Based Learning Approaches

Studying can be enjoyable

What people are saying about us


The session received rave reviews from all participants – even those that were skeptical about soft skill classes. Reginald is a superb presenter and engaged everyone. This class has changed how we approach opportunities and issues within our organization.

Vada Dunn


Reginald utilized his broad knowledge to help me create meaningful connections and understanding and explore an array of my career opportunities.

Margaret Smith


I learned a lot of strategies that will help me to be more successful in life, and I learned a lot about myself and what I need to be successful. I will remember him as formative to my development.

Edward Sullivan


About the Author

Reginald Moss

Reginald Moss provides public workshops and keynotes in the new emerging field of learning strategies and academic transformation. He is a dynamic, high-quality public educator famous for his enjoyable, energetic and lively sessions. He is recognized as one of the most dynamic, inspirational and innovative teachers in the field of personal growth. He has amaster's degree in psychology (MA). Reginald is joint founder and CEO of Learning Miracles.


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